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Hi Erica,Thank you for applying the promo code to my next order. Yes, the deliveries have been dropped off directly outside my door, thank you again for making that happen. I can't tell you how convenient and wonderful it is to have fresh, ORGANIC fruits and veggies delivered straight to our home. The Tampa Bay area is so lucky to have you guys providing this service and it is very much appreciated! Best of luck with everything and do keep up the great work. Warm Regards,Arnell -Arnell
Medium Fruits and Veg , October 30, 2015

I want to tell you that my two avocados from last week were WONDERFUL -- they were so good that when I cut them to use in my morning green smoothie - I just salted and ate them immediately -- perfection. Thank you!

-Cynthia H.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , July 24, 2015

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best fruit ever. (Just ordered fruit--next time vegetables too.) Really loving it. No bumps, no bruises. Kept cool. The strawberries (the largest I've ever seen and perfect every one), pears and mangoes are amazing. Must try the rest later - too full now. Deliverer extremely nice too. I am so glad you guys are now in business. Tried the organic coffee sample you enclosed this morning-- l am particular about coffee and I loved it. Read your website and your inaugural letter -- very well written, friendly, engaging, human. And the peace sign, heart and smiley face signature on the letter made me smile. I've been into organics for a long time -- yours is some of the highest quality I have ever had. Thank you so much.
-Anne F.
Small Fruits and Veg , May 15, 2015

The best thing we ever did. We bought the Groupon and loved it! We became regular customers and now eat all different kinds of fruit and veggies that we would normally not go out and get. Super easy and there staff is the absoulte best! Thanks Tampa Bay Organics!! -Melissa B.
Medium Box , May 15, 2015

My switch to organic foods was kind of a necessary change in my lifestyle. My latest blood work revealed that my cholesterol was dangerously high and I had been plagued with medical issues and digestive abnormalities for most of my life. My boss, hoping to keep me around for a while longer, hired a nutritionist to work with me to change my diet. She counseled me to make healthier choices and include specific ratios of fresh veggies, fruits, grains, fats and proteins in my diet. She also encouraged me to make organic choices as much as possible. She suggested that go to the Saturday Morning Market for their fresh, organic produce. I decided to give it a try, but found that the parking problems and the large crowds of people made it incredibly unpleasant for me. So I turned to Google to try to find fresh produce stands and instead, found Tampa Bay Organics.
I am not a cook. Fast food and microwave dinners have always my go-to for speed and convenience. Even then, I tried to make healthy choices, but clearly my haphazard diet wasn't doing me any favors.
Since I've started this journey, I've discovered that I really enjoy the thought of putting natural, healthy foods in my body, so I was eager to get my first delivery from your store. When it arrived early this morning in a nicely packaged box, I was excited to see what was inside. So I quickly I opened the box and...wow! All I could do was oooh and aaawww over the bounty of colorful fruits and veggies inside. But what I wasn't prepared for was how much joy I got out of seeing such beautiful produce and knowing that everything was home-grown with loving care and completely safe for me to eat.
Thank you so much Tampa Bay Organics and all the farmers and gardeners who grew the food I received today and will receive the future. You have no idea how much pleasure and comfort your hard work has given me!
Katherine L.
-Katherine L.
Large Fruits & Veggies , March 21, 2015

Hi Erica,
I just wanted to say thanks for caring. My box of fruit I received yesterday was perfect. I'm very please with your outstanding level of customer service! Again thank you and have a wonderful weekend!
-Taydrian S.
Med Fruits & Veggies , March 21, 2015

No problems, just kudos to you! Wanted to give you feed back and let you know we LOVE the produce you deliver to us. Everybody in the house knows the avocado is mama's-LOL! Thank you so much!Sharon -Sharon B.
Medium Fruits and veggies , March 21, 2015

Just saw my box for next Tuesday.Awesome.....Because of YOU......thank you.Love the more value choices in substitutions.I am cooking up some of your broccoli right now, & if I get an overload, I make it into soup.Thank you for making this a great start for 2015. :) In JOY, Linda -Linda S.
Medium Box , January 2, 2015

I am thankful for being able to afford from the farm to my door organic fruits/veggies! This is for the 10% off my box this week deal:)
-Heather H.
Large Box , December 26, 2014

I am thankful for the fact that I can use fresh, organic food to heal my body. I am thankful for my family and take our health seriously.
-Heather F.
Medium Box , December 26, 2014

I was so excited to receive my first box of fruits and veggies from you guys!! I couldn't wait to come home from work and dig in to see what was delivered! All the fruit and veggies look beautiful and delicious...I even ate a few pieces of fruit right after opening! I will definitely be ordering from you guys again! And thank you for the extra potatoes!! :) -Monika S.
Large box , July 24, 2014

Thank you so much for my first box of produce, I was overly impressed with the quality of the fruits and veggies.  My "skeptical" fiancé loved the fresh, crispness of the romaine and tomatoes last night.  I will definitely be ordering again soon :)
-Mica R.
Medium Box , July 24, 2014

Signing up for TBO deliveries has been one if the best choices out family has made. The produce is fresh and delicious EVERY time and it's great to know we are eating safe, organic foods. It has also encouraged our family to come up with new recipes as we are introduced to fruits and veggies we have not tried before :-) HIGHLY recommend this wonderful, local service!! -Kari A.
Medium Box , July 7, 2014

Love TBO! Always fresh and tasty! Also best customer service if you have a question or need! -Marcelle A.
Medium Box , July 7, 2014

 I loooove and look forward to my deliveries each week (or every other in my case.). The fruits and veggies are all soooo fresh, smell wonderful, and taste even better. The add/sub process on the website is super easy and very convenient. I recommend TBO to all of my friends and to anyone in the Bay Area. This has to be the best way to make sure that your family has fresh fruits and veggies available at all times. My oldest has a bit of a weight problem but it's getting better thanks to TBO. I don't have to worry about what she's snacking on now. There's always fruit within reach for a great after school snack. And she actually eats it!!! I'm so happy to see her trying new fruits and veggies too. Thank you TBO!!! I couldn't be happier!!!! -Vicki A.
Medium Only Fruit , July 7, 2014

My three year old son is very excited to come home to his box of "special" food on Tuesday's, so I thought I'd share these photos with you. We love your service so much that I've convinced my office to have fresh fruit; our first delivery is this Tuesday!  Thank you for your great service. -Katie F.
Medium Box , June 13, 2014

Hi Erica, I am not a big cabbage fan but wanted you to know that what I received from you this week was the best cabbage I have ever tasted!Raw or cooked, it was sweet and delicious. YUM. You GO!!!!In Joy, Linda -Linda M.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , May 15, 2014

Just wanted to let you know how delicious the peaches and apricot were in this week's delivery - we practically inhaled them!! As always - you all rock! -Mary M.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , May 12, 2014

I got my box today and it was beautiful! So happy i found a local organic produce delivery company! The driver was so nice! Thank you! -Maria H.
Small Fruit and Veggie , May 8, 2014

Hello, I just wanted to commend the exceptional service and products your company has offered! I love all of what you offer and how outstanding your customer service is. I always look forward to receiving my box and the fruit and vegetables are exemplary! Thank you so much for being such an awesome company with delicious organic fruit and veggies!
-Alejandra A.
Large Fruits & Veggies , February 14, 2014

I am so excited, loved my first box, it was like christmas and the smell was divine, we compared your apples to the same apple bought yesterday at publix, no contest, your smelled like summer, publix, well like wax. So thank you again, i look forward to getting many more boxes of health from you. Hugs. -Cathy S.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , February 13, 2014

Thank your very much very much for all you do for me.  You couldn't have taken better care of my account, I am glad it's so easy to deal with your company. And the produce!  Thank you! -Krya D.
Medium Box Fruits & Veggies , February 10, 2014

I got your box yesterday.  I use spinach in my green smoothies in the morning.  Those were the most awesome bunches of spinach I've ever had.  I love fresh spinach bunches.  Much more flavor than the bagged stuff. -Shane F.
Medium Fruits & Veggie , January 31, 2014

Thank you so much for the delicious rainbow chard. Abosluetly delicious and made me feel young! My children even like it - i sneak it into their meals! Thank you for this awesome service!!!! -Melonie D.
Small fruits & veggies , January 21, 2014

The Swiss Chard in this past week's order was to die for - reminded me of going out to the garden on the farm I grew up on and picking it fresh. Many thanks!  As always, you all totally rock!
-Mary M.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , January 13, 2014

Hi! Just wanted to thank you for the great food! I'm so glad you contacted me (via an email) about signing back up. I found that buying stuff on my own did not give me the variety or freshness I'm getting from TBO. And your drivers are nice too! Thanks again! -Yvonne D.
Medium Frutis & Veggies , January 3, 2014

Hi TBO, I'm just writing this afternoon because I want to let you know I am absolutely IN LOVE with your delicata squash. I finally roasted mine last night with olive oil and salt and pepper--and it was absolutely the most fabulous food I've eaten in ages!!! Do you know when they will be available in the box menus again? I want to stock up so that I can enjoy them over and over again!! Anyway, thank you again for such lovely organic produce (and please bring back the delicata squash soon!). Have a great day...!! -Karen T
Small fruits & veggies , January 3, 2014

Dear TBO: Woo Hoo! Yal just made our day! We love our TBO box because it's helping our baby grow healthy and strong. Our kid eats veggies like a boss! We are happy to share the veg love and spread the word about TBO.  Seriously, thank you! Happy holidays,
-Julie S.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , January 3, 2014

Just want you to know that the satsuma mandarins that I received today were FABULOUS! Probably the best I've ever had in my life! Thank you. -Ed W.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , December 12, 2013

Thanks Erica.   I love, love, love my box of organics.  Have recommended to several friends already.  My husband does the food shopping and never buys organic produce, so when I go, I load up.  Now, after a salad the first night and a banana in his cereal this morning, he is convinced that organic tastes better.  I love the surprise of opening the box!!  Very well packed too.  Thanks for your prompt response.  I am very happy!
-Luanne K.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , December 5, 2013

I just signed up and I am SO excited for my first delivery. I don't know if I can wait a week! Great idea, can't wait to get the box. Thank you!!!! -Rebecca E.
Large Fruits & Veggies , December 3, 2013

So, I'm a huge kiwi lover. I LOVE the skin but usually they bother my throat a little bit because they're so furry. Haha OMG the ones I received in my first shipment this week were so smooth and delicious!!! I want more! LOL I'm so happy my husband chose this as an anniversary gift for me (4 yrs=Fruit), I had actually forgotten about it and when the delivery guy came it was like a surprise all over again! Thank you for offering this service!!! -Cristina M.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , December 1, 2013

I am extremely satisfied with the fresh produce and the increase in price is quite acceptable to me. I very much value your service. My husband and I are both very happy customers. Even when I am out of town he has asked me not to stop the delivery. -Venus A.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , November 25, 2013

Thank you for the extra summer squash!!!! -Erica S.
Small Fruits & Veggies , November 20, 2013

Thank you so much! I love being a TBO customer! -Amber V.
Small Fruits & Veggie , November 20, 2013

I received my first order yesterday and I just wanted to say how excited I was to receive it! Everything looked so wonderful that I made a salad right then with all of my organic food. Thanks for offering such a fabulous service :) -Gina H.
Small Fruits & Veggies , November 14, 2013

Loved everything, especially the squash Thanks -Mary K.
Small Fruits & Veggies , November 14, 2013

Our box last week was great. Made a big batch of applesauce for my kids with the apples from last week and it was awesome. Really appreciated how fresh everything was. I am enjoying finding new recipes to use the produce in. Though I made a tragic mistake this morning and trusted someone on the internet when they swore their raw beet/raspberry/banana/almond milk smoothie was awesome.... um no. Haha. But the beets were great quality! ;-) Life lessons.
Thank you!!
-Macy M.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , November 11, 2013

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful deliveries. My kids love opening each delivery with me to see all the fabulous produce.  -Annie D.
Large Fruits & Veggies , November 8, 2013

I am loving my organic food delivery! Yummy food! Thank you all for what you do! -Amy L.
Small Fruits & Veggies , November 8, 2013

Thank you for the extra goodies this week! You guys are so good to me :) -Samantha S.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , November 8, 2013

Thank you so much for my first amazing delivery! As I left for work this morning I was greeted by a cooler full of delicious organic produce, and was amazed by how early your dedicated delivery team must have gotten up this morning! I want them to know it sure put a smile on my face. After putting the produce away I couldn't wait to try one of the inviting Arkansas black apples for breakfast at work. Very juicy, sweet and crunchy! I definitely plan to make many recommendations for TBO! Thank you again! -Denice L.
Small Fruits & Veggie , November 5, 2013

Oh My.....The yellow squash and zucchini were AWESOME today.So Beautiful!!! Love when you have them.Thank you.Linda -Linda C.
Small Just Veggie , November 5, 2013

I wish that every company in the world has customer service like this one. They must supply the people that answer their emails with endless coffee and lollipops. I got their largest offered box with a 50 percent off coupon, and I now have no reason to pay full price for the same size. It's great. Three weeks later I still have two squashes and an apple that are fantastic. As others have said, the food isn't delivered to you mushy and about to expire. Also, they give you a free green bag to keep it fresh longer. USE IT. I am using it for my delicious lettuce and it works GREAT. I will buy more.About that lettuce - wow. Lettuce is a pet peeve of mine and theirs is super green and yummy. Five stars for great quality, customer service, taste, and options (you can alter your boxes contents).Absolute perfection would be if ALL the food was locally grown, but they explain that they cannot do this yet because they need to make sure everything is organically certified. -Barbara S.
Medium Fruits and Veggies , November 1, 2013

Thank you so much for my delicious box of certified organic produce. It was so nice to come home to my items placed in my cooler. When i got home my kids ran to the door , they were so excited it was like christmas morning! When we got inside we unloaded the cooler full of fresh crisp fruits. Instantly my kids were eating them! Thank you again, you guys are the BEST! -Jill S.
Small Fruit , October 29, 2013

Thank you so much for the delicious items in my box this week. You guys are so helpful and accomadating! Thank you for all you guys do. We have the best driver ever!!! To be able to customize my box for my personal needs are the best. TBO ROCKS! -Caral S.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , October 23, 2013

Hi Tampa Bay Organics,I just want to let you know I received my first box today--wow, what a treat! Everything is truly GORGEOUS and absolutely what God intended humans to thrive on. :) It is so beautiful, and I can't wait to start eating it all!! Thank you so much for providing this wonderful provision for households like ours. Thank you again for this great service! The produce is fantastic and I am just so happy my husband stumbled upon you guys! -Karen D.
Medium fruits & veggies , October 16, 2013

I received my first box today and all I can say is WOW. The produce is amazing and the driver is very friendly. I can't believe I stayed with the "other" one for so long!!!Looking forward to more produce! -Melanie G.
Medium Fruit & Veggies , October 16, 2013

This week I received my first delivery. I was so excited! My friend has been bragging about you guys for weeks now and I knew I had to try it. I loved how easy it was to switched some of the items. I especially liked that even though we got the fruit box, I could substitute some veggies in as well. Everything we got has been delicious. It consciously makes my family eat healthier and now instead of some unhealthy snack after work, I always enjoy a piece of fruit and bring one in the car for my daughter when I pick her up from day care. In fact, she cried when she finished the apple because she wanted more. That has never happened before! I also loved the variety. A lot of the items I would never buy at the store, but am enjoying all the new things I have tried and so is my family. Thank you for just being an amazing company!! -Kara S.
Small Only Fruit , October 13, 2013

I found a wonderful surprise at my door today:)!!!! Your produce puts a smile on my face! Thank you so much. You made my day and I want you to know how much I appreciated the gift! Peace, Shari -Shari G
Medium Fruits & Veggies , October 8, 2013

I am so excited! Had my first delivery yesterday and everything looks, smells and feels so fresh and delicious! The size of the small box is perfect for 1 person and saves me the time to run out to the store or veggie stand! Thanks Tampa Bay Organics and Kristina R. for helping me stay healthy! -Pamela T.
Small Fruits and Veggies , August 15, 2013

Just received my first box. LOVE IT! Thank you so much! -Beth P.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , August 15, 2013

My favorite day of the week. My delivery of my fresh produce! Thanks Tampa Bay Organics! -Alison D.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , August 15, 2013

So happy with my delivery this week - the eggplants are huge!!! -Lanie M.
Small Veggies Only , August 15, 2013

Just got my first box of produce today...ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Thank you! -Lisa H.
Large Fruits & Veggies , August 15, 2013

Oh my gosh! I'm in love! Thank you Tampa Bay Organics! I'm definitely staying on as a new customer! The extra produce in my box was a complete surprise! I met my wonderful driver Brian! -Erin B.
Large Fruits & Veggies , August 15, 2013

The produce is SO good that I find myself hiding some extra for myself like I used to hide candy ...lol but candy no more!!! Gods candy is WAY better!!! -Amy G.
Large Fruits & Veggies , August 15, 2013

Thank you making Tuesday my new "favorite day of the week!" -Gayle J.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , July 25, 2013

So today was my first delivery...and I'm hooked! ❤ Produce so pretty that I had to start eating right away. Also a big "thank you" to Brian for taking the time to introduce himself and explain all the in and outs. I'm looking forward to next weeks delivery. -Kim D.
Large Fruits & Veggies , July 23, 2013

The nectarines in yesterday's delivery are the most delicious I've ever had. Sweet, sweet, sweet! Thanks. -Barb G.
Small Fruits & Veggies , July 23, 2013

Dear TBO ~ The cantaloupe that I received in my Box this week is By Far THE BEST I have ever tasted. Delish. Thanks! -Merry S.
Small Fruits & Veggies , July 23, 2013

Small Fruit & Veggie , July 16, 2013

Just a note to let you know the corn delivered Wed was DELICIOUS. I grew up on a farm, and every night during the summer, mom would make a huge pot of corn on the cob. After dinner, she'd leave the leftover corn in the pot and we would snack on it all night! -Mary M.
Small Fruits & Veggies , July 5, 2013

I truly do not think I have eaten as much fruit in the past 10 years as I have during the past 3 weeks we have had your service. ALL fruits and veggies are fresh and so very delicious! Couldn't be happier with Tampa Bay Organics! -Danielle A.
Large Fruits & Veggies , June 28, 2013

Dear Tampa Bay Organics, Thank you for allowing me to come home to the most beautiful assortment of organic fruits and veggies! It 100% made my day! You guys (and gals!) are the best! -M! -Megan S.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , June 28, 2013

Just went thru my first box!  Oh how exciting.  Everything is fresh and wonderful. Great job. I love it!!! Thank you Thank you! -Kimberly S.
Small Fruits & Veggies , June 21, 2013

I so appreciate you making these changes for me!  I just received my delivery and it's BEAUTIFUL!!  I am so pleased! Thank you so much for the work you and your team are doing! Absolutely the BEST EVER!! -Cassie R.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , June 12, 2013

Thank you so much! The veggies and fruit are delicious!!! -Leslie B.
Small Fruits & Veggies , June 7, 2013

I just want you to know how much you're appreciated.  Thanks.
From your biggest fan,
-Joy F.
Small Fruits & Veggies , June 7, 2013

Thank you!
That saves me the trips to the store I've been making! 
Eating Paleo is making me go through so many veggies I'm SO grateful for you tampabayorganics! With my busy schedule I don't know what I would do without you.  
-Melissa R.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , June 7, 2013

Thank you so much for tha box of goodies that was delivered Tues. Everything was so good, everything that I have used, The tomatoes tasted like tomatoes! -Marietta M.
Small Fruits and Veggies , June 7, 2013

I got my first box this week, and wanted to let you know how great everything was. The apples were seriously the most delicious I have tasted in a long time. Thank you so much for this service, I can't wait for this week's delivery. You guys are fantastic! -Ana D.
Small Fruits & Veggies , June 7, 2013

Thank you so much. Love you guys and tell everyone about you! A great service! -Ann B.
Small Fruits & Veggies , June 7, 2013

Thank you for the beautiful bok choy. It is delightful!!! :) Linda -Linda C
medium , June 7, 2013

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my veggie order, and how wonderful the produce is! Thank you for this wonderful service! -Lynn S.
Large Only Veggie , June 6, 2013

What a beautiful box of produce!  I have only had one apple so far and it was amazingly good.  Have looked up a couple recipes for kale salad and carrot top pesto (who knew?!)  Can't wait to devour all the goodies.
-Frank S
medium fruits & veggies , May 8, 2013

THANK YOU! What a really, really nice surprise to find some "extra's" in my delivery today! Extra green beans, an extra mango, and an extra avocado! I love your deliveries, and I do try to promote your business on facebook to help you out!! -Heather H.
Small Fruits & Veggies , May 2, 2013

You guys are the best! -Thea M.
Large Fruits & Veggies , May 1, 2013

I'm grateful to you and your entire staff...the drivers are excellent. -Karen G.
Small Fruit Only , May 1, 2013

First box today and I was so pleased! Delicious Fruits and Veggies! -Natalie L.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , May 1, 2013

I love the guy who brings my produce! So friendly! -Trish D.
Small Fruits & Veggies , May 1, 2013

I was pulling into Crossfit bright and early and the driver was already pulling away! Awesome job and always beautiful produce! -Dana G.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , May 1, 2013

Thank you so much! I love my driver. He is super sweet to my son and dog every time he drops off. Great customer service! -Brooke D.
Medium Fruit Only , May 1, 2013

Best customer service anywhere, hands down. -Holli W.
Small Veggies Only , May 1, 2013

We’re excited about our first delivery, and I’m already telling people about Tampa Bay Organics.  One person I know, and a complete stranger I met yesterday at Publix in front of the teeny tiny organic produce section with a sad selection of lettuce, most of which was expiring today! 
-Kathleen J
Large Fruits & Veggies , April 23, 2013

The box was excellent once again. The pineapple was absolutely beautiful. I will be planting the top, if anyone else wants to plant also and need directions - it is so easy! -Joann H
Small , April 22, 2013

Thank you for a great product and delivery idea. My family and I love the freshness and quality of your produce Every box seems better than the last one. The cucumbers and carrots in this one were out of sight ! -Patricia F
Small Fruits & Veggies , April 22, 2013

Just wanted to let you know that I am still happy with my boxes. The Tomatoes were absolutely beautiful. I love Fridays when I get to see and choose what I am getting - then I have a hard time waiting for Tuesdays. Keep up the great work. -Joann H
small , April 22, 2013

the delivery this week was so wonderful. The Swiss chard was so fresh, colorful and amazing! My only regret was not getting more of it!! -Erika K.
Medium , April 22, 2013

I love your company, and your service.  I just easily upgraded my box size on your awesome website, and I love the new changes with allowing more substitutions. 
Tampa Bay Organics is Awesome!!!
Medium , March 29, 2013

Thanks for the extra pieces of fruit in my box of veggies today. And may, I say the veggies look great. It is so convenient to get this beautiful produce at home. -Karen G.
Small Fruits & Veggies , March 14, 2013

Just got my first delivery and it looks so yummy! Can't wait to try my beef stew with all organic veggies. Thanks! -Nazach S.
Small Fruits & Veggies , March 14, 2013

I was home sick today and received my first box of fruits and vegies. Everything looks fabulous! I am going to make a green smoothie now to get some good vitamins in me and hopefully knock out this cold :) Thanks so much! -Tanoi Q.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , March 14, 2013

Dear Tampa Bay Organics: You've done it again! Simply the best mangoes I've had to date! Thanks, Thea M. -Thea M.
Large Fruits & Veggies , March 14, 2013

Got my first delivery today...beautiful! Can't wait to dive in and make some great smoothies, salads and other dishes with the fresh organic produce. YUM! -Michelle C.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , March 14, 2013

Thanks for the call back so quickly after my post! Great produce AND customer service! You guys are the best! -Andrea M.
Large Fruits & Veggies , March 14, 2013

It's 9pm and I just got my delivery.. this late and you guys are STILL WORKING.. now, that is what I call.. FIRST CLASS DEDICATION AND SERVICE!!! A happy and very sincere apology was given.. all I have to say.. is I'm so sorry you were soo delayed because of the game!! Thanks for being a GREAT SERVICE THAT WE REALLY APPRECIATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Tracy M.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , March 14, 2013

Thanks so much for the wonderful customer service! The delivery was great too. Ok, now for the produce. I couldn't wait to taste the cherry tomatoes as so as I opened the box; they tasted even better than they looked! The Romaine was so GREEN! Nothing like that "Organic Romaine" we buy in the grocery stores. That stuff is the same color as Iceberg Lettuce. Now, I'm beginning to wonder what real "Iceberg Lettuce" is supposed to look like?? lol. Did I say how awesome the bananas were yet? ..on & on.....God bless you all! -Joan M.
Small Fruits & Veggies , March 14, 2013

Thank you so much for all you do! Your service is amazing!!! -Ty C.
Small Fruits & Veggies , March 14, 2013

Just got my first box. I have never seen such fresh produce in my 60 years of life. So beautiful! -Ann L.
Small fruits & veggies , February 26, 2013

I just received my first box..and WOW! The delivery driver was extremely friendly, the box was packed with a variety of colorful fruits & veggies and I'm very hppy to be a part of Tampa Bay Organics! -Tiffany T.
Small Fruits & Veggies , February 26, 2013

Thanks a lot. I really love the organic lettuces. They are light-years better than commercial in terms of taste and texture. -Scott S.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , November 15, 2012

Seriously,....you Really do a great job.  All around!Will continue to spread the word! -Lorry L.
Small Fruits & Veggies , October 31, 2012

Thanks so much for the great basket of organic fruits and veggies and on time delivery. I'm really enjoying it! -Caroline V.
Small Fruits & Veggies , October 31, 2012

I want to give you a huge compliment on the quality of your produce!  I'm just finishing up a few of the longer-lasting items from 2 weeks ago.  There's nowhere you can buy organic produce as fresh as your stuff.
I had set my schedule for every other week thinking I would save myself some time on the "on" week, and then just go round up organic produce between Whole Foods, Nutrition Smart, and Publix on my own to save some money on my "off" week.  I can't always get the quality and variety, so I just  set my schedule back to every week.  Now I just buy things I need/want from the other places if I can't order through you.  (Like kale.)
We are all eating so much more different colored produce and getting more health benefits now that we're getting your deliveries. Thanks again.  I love your stuff!
-Renee G.
Small Fruits & Veggies , October 13, 2012

Hello....Just a note:Those big black organic seedless grapes are yummy-delish!!!! :) Linda -Linda C.
Small Fruits & Veggies , September 28, 2012

Thank you THANK you THANK YOU!!!!! It has only been 2 deliveries so far but wow! I am so glad you have come to my life and my diet, LOL! Not to mention delivered to my door. I am legally blind and cannot drive so getting fresh produce delivered is such a blessing. Produce that actually tastes REAL, LOL. Just like way back in the olden days (in the 60s, LOL!) when my folks bought their produce from roadside stands at the actual farms the stuff was grown on or from farmer's trucks that used to drive through the neighborhood. -Lynne R.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , September 27, 2012

Thanks for the extras you included in with my order!!! -Nancy C.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , September 27, 2012

Wow, that was really a nice box of stuff this week! The bananas, red pepper, grapes, apples, onions, pluots and greens -- were exceptional!Thanks! -Sara L.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , September 26, 2012

What an amazing company!! Not only is your produce wonderful your customer service is just as amazing. My kids always look forward to our Tuesday deiveries and know exactly what's coming. This week when we were missing some pears they were looking foward to, I sent an email and within hours the most amazing person showed up to deliver them!! She said she could never dissapoint children. This is service that just doesn't typically exist these days. Thank you Tampa Bay Organics!! We look forward to our next delicious delivery. -Tara M.
Small Fruits & Veggies , September 12, 2012

Keep up the great work and I look forward to receiving my future orders and the variety it has brought into my life! -Debra A.
Small All-Fruit box , August 26, 2012

We are very pleased with our first order. So far everything has been amazing. The person who delivered the food packed it so nicely in our cooler bag. No bruises or tears on anything! Because of multiple sclerosis, I am pretty much confined to bed during these very hot days and I am so happy to have found your company. It is a blessing to have organics delivered!  -Shirley C.
Large Fruits & Veggies , August 24, 2012

We appreciate your excellent service and were just remarking last night whilst eating your greens how joining has enhanced our lives! -Janice N.
Small Fruits & Veggies , July 20, 2012

Just got my first box and all I have to say is WOW!I love it. The fruits and veggies were large and fresh. But the best was the smell. Nothing smells quite as good as fresh veggies. The produce in the grocery stores and even at some fruit/veggie stands have no smell--no freshness about them. I could stand in my kitchen and just enjoy the aroma of my box--but even better was when I actually ate the produce.I'm hooked. Thank you Tampa Bay Organics. Now I'm going to share you with all my friends and let them enjoy you also. -Kandy S.
Small Fruits & Veggies , June 26, 2012

I just wanted to thank you for helping my family eat better produce and more of it! My children eagerly await our big box of goodies-and the fruit and veggies are always so delicious- thanks!!!! -Alicia B.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , June 20, 2012

Thanks so much, and Happy 1st Birthday.  I had no idea you are such a young company.  It's one of the nicest businesses with which I have ever had a connection.  I wish you many years of success.  I keep bragging you up! -Joy F.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , June 20, 2012

We received our first box of produce yesterday and I can't tell you how thrilled I was! The sweet potatoes are huge! Everything smelled wonderful and looked amazing. My 3 children (5,3,&2) have been tearing into the fruit--pears, apples, and bananas--and keep saying how delicious it all tastes. We are new transplants to the Tampa area, and we used to live in an agriculturally dense area--you could throw a stone and hit a farm stand--so it was especially nice to discover your service. (I picked up your flyer at the Wiregrass Fresh Market two weeks ago) Thank you so much for the exceptional produce--we simply can't wait to see what comes next week! Your new faithful customers ;) -Rachel J.
Large Fruits & Veggies , June 20, 2012

My husband & I have been enjoying our first box tonight. We have been buying organic and cleaning our vegetables for at least 18 months and these are some of the cleanest veggies we've seen. Plus the broccoli was delicious!We decided to try the small popcorn gift, making it on the stove with grapeseed oil & Himalayan sea salt - delish!  -Lisa Y.
Small Fruits & Veggies , June 20, 2012

We received our first box of produce yesterday and I can't tell you how thrilled I was! The sweet potatoes are huge! Everything smelled wonderful and looked amazing. My 3 children (5,3,&2) have been tearing into the fruit--pears, apples, and bananas--and keep saying how delicious it all tastes. We are new transplants to the Tampa area, and we used to live in an agriculturally dense area--you could throw a stone and hit a farm stand--so it was especially nice to discover your service. Thank you so much for the exceptional produce--we simply can't wait to see what comes next week! Your new faithful customers ;) -Rachel J.
Large Fruits & Veggies , June 13, 2012

Our first box of organic fruits and veggies was amazing. Everything looked fresh and appetizing. I can't wait to cook tonight! -Edward K.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , May 30, 2012

I absolutely love this service for so many reasons! I plan meals with fresh produce, I save money because I don't need to shop for produce in the grocery store, I am supporting local farmers, I am eating more fresh fruit and vegetables. I am saving on gas by not having to drive to the grocery store. and I look forward to tuesdays and can't wait to open my box. I am also learning more about different varieties of fruits and vegetables that I normally wouldn't have chosen in the grocery store, thank you! -Leigh F.
Small Veggies Only , May 21, 2012

THANK YOU! I cannot believe how wonderful my first box of veggies was from you. OMG the lettuce is so big, it is a good thing that I have a green smoothie every morning -- I am SO please with the contents of my first box. I'm going to try alternate weeks at first. I cannot believe that the food is so beautiful! I made a copy of the letter you enclosed and gave it to two friends to encourage them to try your service. Not for the $10 but because I believe this might work for them. -Cynthia H.
Large All-Veggies , May 9, 2012

I wanted to tell you how wonderful the produce and choices were yesterday. OMG! I am so happy and impressed. I love the smell when I open the box. What a wonderful service you have. Thank you so much for everything from your buyers, packers, office personnel, to the delivery people. What a great team. I consider myself to be very lucky to have found you! -Phyllis O.
Small Fruits & Veggies , May 9, 2012

I wanted to thank you for all the awesome items. My whole family loves all the fruits and veggies that come :) Thanks again for the great service and products.  -Jislayne H.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , May 8, 2012

Hello and WOW! I received my first order today, and I am absolutely stunned. Usually I'm not a big fan of oranges as to me the store baught ones taste somewhat plain and watery. However, the order included local Naval oranges and I have to tell you that these are the most delicious, tastiest, juiciest, oranges I have EVER had! You made my day with those ... -Peter U.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , May 8, 2012

I LOVE the service!!!!!!! I am telling everyone I know about it. Keep up the GREAT work! :) -Jay M.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , May 2, 2012

Patch.com Review: What could be better than someone doing my shopping for me? Well, not for everything, but my organic produce is delivered to my front gate every other Tuesday. You pick the number of shipments a month that's right for your family. You will not regret it. The freshest veggies and fruits that are available in Tampa Bay. Love it. -Paige K.
Small Fruits & Veggies , April 25, 2012

Patch.com Review: TBO Rocks My World!!!!!! Seriously some of the freshest organic produce I've ever had the pleasure of receiving. And they deliver it right to me which saves me loads of time. I'm also not the best at picking out my own produce so this is greatly beneficial. The value of the produce boxes is also very impressive. You get way more stuff in there than you would have thought. All around a great company with a great staff that is actually happy to work with you and help you with your needs. A++++!!!! -Kelly P.
Large Fruits & Veggies , April 25, 2012

Yelp Review: Got my first box this week.  Amazing produce, maybe the best mangos I've ever had.  Can't wait to see what I get next week. -Ben T.
April 25, 2012

Yelp Review: I've already recieved two medium and 1 large box.  I had to switch to the large because I couldn't get enough of it.  The produce is beautiful and so fresh when it comes directly to your door by curteous delivery guys.  TBO is a company that stands by their products 100%.  I had some bruised peaches and they gave me replacements on my next order.  They are always welcoming you to call or email them if you have any questions at all.  They even offer "extras" on their site that you can purchase to go with your order if something catches your eye.  If you love organic produce and want to avoid the hassel of having to go hunting through stores for it, or just run a busy schedule this company and service are right for you! -Christina M.
Large Fruits & Veggies , April 25, 2012

Yelp Review: Awesome service.  I have ordered 2 weeks in a row so far and it's been fantastic both times.  You can customize your likes and disklikes and substitute items that you do not want.  The produce is some of the best I've had.  It's very fresh and tasty.  I'm so happy and will continue to be ordering every week. -Christine C.
April 25, 2012

Google Review: This has been one of thee BEST decisions we have made as a family! We goal for eating every morsel of what we get and challenge ourselves to new receipes with new foods (we LOVE when we get a vegetable/fruit we have never eaten before) The service is INCREDIBLE.. this has been an extremely pleasurable experience.  -TK
April 25, 2012

Google Review: Could not be more impressed with the attention I received here. I have had some customer service nightmares, but this has been one of the best experiences I have had to date. Courteous, fun to talk to, outgoing...I couldn't be happier with my decision to get my organics from Tampa Bay Organics. The quality of produce is so much better than I've found anywhere, and I have gone just about everywhere. I have found my home!! Actually they found my home, because they deliver to ME! -Jill D.
Large Fruits & Veggies , April 25, 2012

Google Review: This is a MUST HAVE service! I signed up for the fruit and veggie small basket and it is amazing! So easy to choose what you like, they deliver on Tuesdays a big box of the freshest organic produce I have ever seen. MUCH better quality than I have found in the supermarkets. I have been eating fresh fruits and vegetables every day now, something that I didn't do before ordering their service. Definitely recommend to everyone! -Elizabeth
Small Fruits & Veggies , April 25, 2012

I just received my second delivery and I could NOT be more thrilled!!! I've been telling everyone I know in person and on FB about your service and how amazing the produce tastes. I have a hopeless black thumb and my yard is not hospitable for a garden (although sports excellent citrus trees), and I even kill the simplest herb gardens. I love eating local and organic, supporting local farmers/businesses. I used to spend about 85% of my grocery budget on produce and now I only have to go to the store about once every two or three weeks. 

So basically? I LOVE you guys!
-Danielle C.
Small Fruits & Veggies , April 25, 2012

I received my first order today. Was very pleased with it. Thank-you! -Lisa K.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , April 25, 2012

I have to say it is so exciting on Tuesday (delivery day) and then the rest of the week to enjoy lthose wonderful vegetables. It is the best thing I have ever signed up for in my life. -Marian L.
Medium Veggies Only , April 23, 2012

You guys do a great job.  I'm very busy and don't have time to always go shopping.  Eating better thanks to you. -Jill M.
Small Fruits & Veggies , April 23, 2012

Just wanted to let you know I spent the last hour happily chopping onion, garlic and the dandelion greens for a sautee, and cut up the sweet potatoes for a roasted sweet potatoe recipe to go along with our left over Easter ham. You all rock, for sure! Many thanks! -Mary M.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , April 11, 2012

Everything is just the way you described. Telling all my friends about you. Thank you. -William L.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , February 23, 2012

This was my first week of delivery and it was better than I expected. The produce is what I would have picked in a store and was very fresh. I look forward to many more deliveries! Keep up the good work. -Micah O.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , February 23, 2012

Just wanted to say how excited I am about my next delivery. Tried Tampa Bay Organics through a "groupon" so this will be my 3rd delivery. Thank You, thank you! -Kym P.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , February 13, 2012

We are loving the deliveries. The limes  and kale were fantastic this week! -Gina M.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , February 2, 2012

I absolutely LOVE you guys!  I just upsized from medium to large!!  Thanks for great produce, great service and being super convenient!! -Elizabeth
Medium Fruits & Veggies , February 1, 2012

Thank you for your consistent quality and dependability. That is rare these days and so very much appreciated! -Linda C.
Small Fruits & Veggies , January 7, 2012

 I am in total shock at how much better the produce we get from you is compared to the grocery store. My taste buds are in shock ... thank you so much for providing our office (yes I cook lunch for everyone) with local organic produce!!!! Our bodies thank you and none of us are tired after lunch anymore!!!
-Deirdre C.
Large Veggies Only , January 4, 2012

Absolutely Hands down the best tasting organic fruits and veggies!!! It saves me time and money each week, plus there is always something new for the kids to try, with picky eaters they love it. It comes to the door and they get to clean it put it away AND snack on it :) Great Job Tampa Bay Organics!!! -Opal R.
Large Fruits & Veggies , January 3, 2012

Thank you Tampa Bay Organics for delivering the best produce each week to my door. -Lila K.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , January 3, 2012

Get your fruits and veggies delivered to your door every week! Wonderful service with a smile! I <3 Tampa Bay Organics -Stephanie S.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , January 3, 2012

Yummy organics to your door! We love this place!!! -Danielle T.
Small Fruits & Veggies , January 3, 2012

This is fantastic. Organic fruits and veggies (no delivery charge) and they come right to your front door. :) -Irini K.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , January 3, 2012

It's amazingly easy to get organic produce now! Thank you Tampa Bay Organics! -Jessica B.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , January 3, 2012

100% Organic Veggies and Fruit DELIVERED... love this! -Kim R.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , January 3, 2012

I am so thoroughly impressed with the produce I have gotten over the past 2 weeks. I have 3 children (8, 2, &1) and this has made my life so much better. My local grocery store just does not stock the best organics and when they do, it is so expensive I have a hard time wanting to pay for it. Your service saves me time, money, and most of all it is helping my family to enjoy many new types of fruits and veggies. It is so important for my children to be raised on food the way God intended it to be grown and not covered in chemicals. They don't get sick at all. Thank you for making a healthy way of life possible for my family. I am beyond pleased and will be a customer as long as you are willing to deliver. You guys rock! -Amy M.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , January 2, 2012

I loved the produce but am moving in 3 weeks.  :-(  Otherwise, I'd be a lifetime customer!  The produce was gorgeous! -Veronica N.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , November 10, 2011

Loved, loved, loved my order.  Thank you so much. -Phyllis O.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , November 10, 2011

Got my delivery this morning, and it is magnificent! Beautiful carrots and pears, a gorgeous red tomato, fabulous-looking yams, etc., etc. And green peppers! Yay! Everything looks amazing and makes me want to start cooking right now! Thank you! -Jan C.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , November 1, 2011

This was a most wonderful box of produce goodies! The Spring Mix and the Alfalfa Sprouts are just to DIE for!! Very well done, my friends!
-Mike A.
Small Mixed Fruits & Veggies , September 1, 2011

WoW!!! Just got my first order using my Groupon coupon!! I have already signed up for delivery. I am so impressed! And its so easy to do!!! Thanks so much!!! -Karen S.
Medium Fruits & Veggies , August 23, 2011

I am so happy to learn of this service, and will do everything I can to help you spread the word. -Eileen T.
August 23, 2011

Love my organics. Yesterday, I didn't even have everything packed away in green bags in the fridge before I had to start cooking some chard. I am definitely spreading the word. Many thanks. -Mary M.
Medium All-Veggies ,

I just wanted to tell you I got my first box yesterday and I am very happy with it. Thank you so much. I will thank my daughter for telling me about you and I will recommend you to others as well. -Connie F.
Small Fruits & Veggies ,

Thank you so much TBO! My 4 year old son can hardly wait for our Tuesday delivery! Everything has been so fresh and delish! The quality surpasses the local markets. -Jennifer S.
Medium Fruits & Veggies ,

The items in the box are wonderful. Thank you for a great way to eat! -Judy L.

Ordered initially through Groupon - was MOST impressed. The organic co-op I had previously belonged to fell through so I've been searching and couldn't be happier. -Mary M.

Loved all the produce I received this week with my groupon! WIll be reordering. I loved the convenience of the delivery. Opened the box and planned meals around what I received. WIll be telling my friends. -Denise C.

The produce is fabulous! It was so exciting to open the box and see all the delicious items. I could hardly wait to chomp down on one of those Braeburn apples, so it barely got out of the box before it was in my mouth! And it was NOT disappointing. So much better than those organic apples from Publix! Everything looked so beautiful and appetizing! We had the bicolor corn for dinner last night, and my husband said he hadn't had corn that good since he was a kid--a FEW years ago, I might add! Ha! I chopped the wonderful green onions and added them to plain Greek yogurt for a dressing for our brown rice and falafel dinner...yum! The carrots taste like real carrots, not those "baby carrots" from Publix which we all know aren't infants at all but are fully grown and then mutilated. Even the radishes are delicious! We are very, very impressed!

I teach Pilates at the Y, and we always share information, so today I passed on our experience with Tampa Bay Organics. I hope it brings you more customers. One of my students asked if the amount received was "manageable." She had had an account with another organic company, and she said her family canceled because they got such huge amounts...and way too many greens. I thought our amount was perfect. Even the collard greens, which I was hesitant to receive because of my experiences with the huge packages of Publix collards. It was so nice to see the small amount of beautifully formed leaves in the box. I think I might even convince my collards-hostile husband to try them tomorrow, when they'll be on my dinner menu.

We are so pleased with the produce and the service. Even the delivery person was cheerful and seemed happy to be making the deliveries. No grouchy people!
-Jan C.

The veggies and fruit that arrived are the best yet from you - everything is super fresh and smells just wonderful. I've never had my cat meow at the smell of fruit and veg before.

Thanks again for bringing this to me!
-Lisa F.

I just received my first delivery, a gift from my daughter. OMG it's just beautiful. Everything is so fresh and the best tasting fruits/veggies I have had in a very long time. Feels good to eat something so clean. I will continue to support organic farming. I can't wait to order my next shipment. Thank you for your service to the Tampa Bay community. -Mary S.

Just received my order and everything looks delicious! I am not sure what to eat first! -Charrie G.

Received my box on Tues. and everything looked delicious. The fruit and veggies were very fresh and I especially enjoyed the great mango and strawberries. Looking forward to my next box :) -Nicole A.

I'm absolutely THRILLED with the produce and I'm looking forward to making dinner tonight! -Sarah B.

I just wanted to tell you I received my box today and I was thoroughly impressed! Nothing better than having a giant box of fresh, organic produce delivered to my door. A girl could get used to this! The corn was amazing and we cooked it tonight. We also used the romaine tonight :) Everything was WONDERFUL. So thank you for doing this. I normally wouldn't be able to afford that amount of organic produce but you made it possible with your deal and my family THANKS YOU! -Rachel C.

We got our delivery out in Palm Harbor around noon, shortly after. Looked beautiful. Can't wait to dig into those yummy fruits and veggies thanks TBO! :) -Alyson D.

Got my first delivery today, and I couldn't be happier!!! All the produce is so amazing!!! Even my dog, Miller, enjoyed sharing a nectarine!!! -Kimberlee H.

Tampa Bay Organics ROCKS!!! We received our organic produce today and let me tell you....it is so YUMMY!!!! Thank you so very much!!!! -Shannon W.

Just received my box of fruit! It looked gorgeous and very fresh....I am impressed. Looking forward to trying a veg box! -Angela L.

I was a customer for their very first delivery! The produce is amazingly fresh and just fantastic. And on top of that...the staff, including the delivery driver are just so easy to deal with! If you love organic produce, look no further! You have found your source! -Laurie R.


The best fruit ever. (Just ordered fruit--next time vegetables too.) Really loving it. No bumps, no bruises. Kept cool. The strawberries (the largest I've ever seen and perfect every one), pears and mangoes are amazing. Must try the rest later - too full now. Deliverer extremely nice too. I am so glad you guys are now in business. Tried the organic coffee sample you enclosed this morning-- l am particular about coffee and I loved it. Read your website and your inaugural letter -- very well written, friendly, engaging, human. And the peace sign, heart and smiley face signature on the letter made me smile.

I've been into organics for a long time -- yours is some of the highest quality I have ever had.

Thank you so much.
-Marcia A.

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