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Coops are created when you have 4 or more boxes delivered to one location. You can either get a 10% discount off of each box, or use that 10% revenue as a fundraiser program for a school or charity.

Coops are great for:

  • Office & Workplaces (think: healthier & happier employees!)
  • Schools (way better than baked sales!)
  • Gyms and fitness centers (increase foot traffic!)
  • Healthy cafes
  • Homes (neighborhood coops work so well!)
  • Healthy meetup groups, churches, study teams, daycares, or just for you and your friends! The list goes on and on!

Why start a Coop?

Coops are a great way to get in touch with your community and receive top-quality discounted produce in the process.

How does it work?

As long as you have a delivery address in our area, you can start a Coop! Even if you don't have 4 people to start off with, you can always add more as the word spreads! The Coop leader would create a personal account with us and then email us so we can create your coop. We just need to know a few things when creating your coop:

  • 1) Your Coop Name
  • 2) Your Coop Address (if different from your account’s address)
  • 3) Special Instructions for our driver (business hours, etc)
  • 4) Discount or Fundraiser? Would you like to get a 10% discount off everyone’s box, or would you like to use those funds toward a fundraiser/charity?
  • 5) Would you like to make it Public or Private? Please provide a password for private coops.

You can then tell anyone and everyone you want about your Coop and they would all sign up under your existing Coop.

What if I don't want random people signing up for my Coop?

When you contact us to create your Coop, please specify that you want it "Private."

How do we keep track of what everyone owes?

There's no need to! Each member's account is completely separate so you won't have to worry about splitting boxes or who owes whom money. Everyone pays separate through our website so there is very little management on the Coop leader's end. Each box will arrive with the name of the member on the label of each box.

How do the members get placed in my Coop?

Your members would sign up just as anyone else, but there is a special “Joining a Coop?” section on the registration process where they would select your Coop from the dropdown list to get placed in your group. If your Coop is set to Private, then they would need to type in the Password in order to gain access. If they already have an account with us, they can just go to their ‘Account Settings’ and click ‘Join a Coop.’

How do I know who is getting a box?

The Coop leader can see the names, emails and phone numbers of every member of their group. They can also see who is scheduled for a box that week so they know what to expect. The Coop leaders can also communicate information to their members via the website.

I want to start a coop at my location, but I'm having trouble convincing the people in charge it's worthwhile!

Contact Us. Jessica knows how to woo your manager into a hypnotic state so they are sure to say yes to your brilliant idea. If hypnotism doesn't work, she'll at least be able to prepare an informational presentation that'll be sure to work!

I have a really important question that it not listed on here. HELP!

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