1. Is all the produce you offer certified organic?

Yes! The produce we offer is 100% USDA Certified Organic. We work with Alberts Organics and FreshPoint to make sure that everything we offer to our customers meets that goal. We also strive to support our local certified farmers. Since October 2002, all organic produce sold in the US must meet stringent standards set, verified, and regularly inspected by the USDA.  

 2. What is the difference between the three box sizes?

The $32 small box is the perfect size for a lone vegan/vegetarian, or a couple, and for people who just want to begin a healthier diet. The $42 large box is for a family of 3 or 4 with big appetites, or someone highly devoted to cooking and eating fruit and vegetables. Our $52 x-large box is for families of 5+ members, who are truly dedicated on eating organic foods. For each box, customers can select whether to include only fruits, only vegetables, or a mix of both. Also, each box features extra items not found in other boxes, so it is important to always log in and make substitutions to fit your needs! For more information on pricing, sizes, and weekly menu, please visit our Boxes page. 

3. Which box size is right for me? 

This highly depends on you or your family’s diet. Simply, a family of 1-2 should receive the $32 box, a family of 2-4 should get the $42 box, and a family of 5+ should get the $52 box.

4. Do I have to stay with the same box size forever? 

No! You can upgrade or downgrade your box size that fits your needs at any time. Send us an email if you need any assistance.  

 5. Where does your produce come from? 

We buy locally grown organic produce as often as possible, taking quality, value, and variety into consideration. Due to the restricted growing season in Florida, the summer heat can produce difficult growing conditions. The organic season in Florida is limited, thus, a portion of our produce comes from California, where produce grows year-round. Other types of produce, such as tropical fruits, may come from organic farms in Central and South America, which are American owned and are USDA certified organic.

6. How does your prices compare to those of supermarkets? 

Because of our lower operating costs, our prices tend to be much lower - compared to the big chain grocery stores, like Publix and Whole Foods, especially for organic items. In addition, we bring it right to your door for free!

 7. How fresh is your produce? 

Our produce is very fresh! We guarantee freshness or email us, and we’ll credit you for each item that is dissatisfactory, however, we do ask that you inquire within 3 days of your delivery. Nevertheless, you will receive beautiful organic produce in each delivery.

 8. What else do you sell, besides produce?

We offer a variety of Raw Dairy, Grass fed meat, Natural Grocery items, Organic Beverages, and Artisan Breads. Come visit us at our Warehouse Organic Market every Saturday and see what other items we provide to our customers!

9. Is there any minimum number of deliveries I must commit to? 

After you've signed up for any box, you will automatically meet our $32 minimum. There is no commitment, as you can cancel the service at any time. Just let us know before the cancellation deadline, if you want to cancel a specific delivery. 

 10. Is there a delivery fee, annual fee, or any other hidden fees? 

We never charge a delivery fee or any other type of hidden fees. However, if a box is cancelled after the deadline (Sunday at 6PM), there is a $5.00 cancellation fee that will be applied to your account. Also, there is an Inconvenience Fee of $5.00 if we are unable to deliver a box if a customer fails to provide us with gate codes, or any other specific instructions.

This will help us minimize any losses incurred after packing a box that will not be delivered.

11. What is your delivery area? 

We offer deliveries to the following counties: Pasco, Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Polk County. We have the right to refuse a delivery if we consider it out of the route, even though it may be included in our zip codes delivery area. For more information, visit our Delivery Area page or email us at [email protected]

 12. Do I have to be home to receive a delivery? 

No! However, you know your neighborhood best, and we will leave your produce box wherever you specify in the special instructions block (back porch, in a cooler on the porch, etc.). We will assume you want your produce left by the front door unless you tell us otherwise. 

If you are not going to be home, please be sure to leave a cooler with plenty of ice or gel packs to keep the produce fresh!

 13. On hot days, how will you keep my produce fresh? 

We have a refrigerated van that delivers your produce, which maintains a comfortable 34 degrees Fahrenheit. However, we strongly recommend that our customers leave a cooler out for us with ice packs inside, so that the produce maintains its top quality by keeping the temperature constant.

If no cooler is left out, our reusable box comes with an ice pack, but the produce is more susceptible to losing its quality without a cooler. Your delivery driver will transfer as many items as possible from your order into your cooler to help keep things fresh. 

 14. How large should the cooler be? 

We generally say that if you can pick up a cooler with one hand, it's too small. We recommend a 30 or 40 quart cooler, especially if you are ordering a large box. 

 15. Do you deliver to businesses? 

Yes, we do! Please specify in the special instructions what time your office closes so we can make the arrangement.

If you are interested in receiving a large order of boxes to provide to your employees to promote a healthy work environment, please contact us or visit our Co-op page to learn more on how you can save when friends or co-workers sign up with you!

16. I live outside your delivery area. Will you make an exception for me? What if I get several people together? 

While we don't want to turn customers down due to delivery areas, we very rarely make exceptions. Some of our regular customers do live outside our delivery borders, but instead specify to receive deliveries at a friend’s or family member's home within a delivery area to pick up on their own schedule. We recommend doing this as an alternative to ensure you receive a box!

 17. What if I get several people together to receive boxes?

When you have four or more deliveries going to your co-op location, you can either save 10% OR we will donate that savings back to your school, church, or non-profit! Visit our Co-op Home Page for more information on how you can start or join a co-op!

18. Can I pick up items at your warehouse?  

Yes, you may visit us during our Warehouse Organic Market on each Saturday from 9:00am-12:00pm!      

 19. How do I speak to a person at Tampa Bay Organics? Every time I call I get the voicemail! 

We're sorry; we are a small family-run business and we are often out of the office, especially on our delivery days on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Please leave a voicemail, which we will return as soon as we can. Email is also the best way that will allow us to respond to you as soon as possible!

 20. Should I call you if I need to skip a delivery? 

We highly recommend that you skip your own delivery through the website. For instructions on how to skip a delivery, please email or call us so that we can assist you!

 21. What are my deadlines for updating my account or changing a delivery? 

Your change/cancel deadline is every Sunday at 6:00 PM. Remember, all changes must be made through the website by this date and time. 

 22. How do I cancel a delivery? 

You must login to your account and find:


 >Your Schedule

You may skip a single box, or boxes up to 3 calendar months. From here, you can also add deliveries, change your box frequency, or shift your schedule for different weeks.

 23. I forgot I had a delivery today. I don't want it. Can I still cancel it? 

We're sorry, but it is the customer's responsibility to keep their account updated. We don't want to waste food, so please remember to keep track of your account.

We will not be issuing refunds for any unwanted orders that are delivered if no changes were made before the deadline (Sunday at 6PM). Also, there will be a $5 cancellation fee if an order is cancelled after the deadline. 

 24. I live in a gated community. Can I still get deliveries? 

Yes, but it is IMPERATIVE that you take any steps necessary, so we can get to your door. If there is a security guard, it is your responsibility to make sure he/she will let Tampa Bay Organics enter your subdivision. If there is an automated gate, you must let us know what the gate code or dial code is for us to get in. (We strongly suggest not just assuming the driver can "follow someone in.") If we can't get to your door, we will send calls, texts, or emails. Remember, the driver is in a rush to deliver as many boxes as possible.

 25. I live in an apartment building. Can I still get deliveries? 

Yes, but please note that if we are delivering to a location that is not a private home, it is your responsibility to make sure that you receive your delivery after we drop the box off. Deliveries left in front of apartment doors, for example, are considered to be completed deliveries if we have been instructed to leave your deliveries as such. Please make sure that we can get into your building if there is an automated gate or security guard.

 26. Can you please deliver to my house on [blank]? That's the best day for me? 

Our drivers' delivery areas are already set by day, so most of the time we can’t bend operations for customer's schedules. 

 27. What time of the day will the delivery be made? 

Most of our deliveries are made between 10:00am-6:00pm. However, we can get held back by the weather, traffic, or if it gets dark earlier. Times can vary.  

 28. Hey, the website said we were getting [blank] and I didn't get it? 

Sometimes we are forced to make substitutions based on availability and quality issues. The website is a good guide to forecast what's coming, but we warn our customers it may not always be 100% accurate. For items that not substitutable, you will receive a credit in your Tampa Bay Organics account.

 29. I received a bad produce item/I am missing a produce item, what now? 

Due to the nature of the service, occasionally a bad item might slip by us, or we might miss an item when packing your bag. Other produce items, like corn, avocados or mangoes, might appear to be in good shape when the exterior is inspected, but when husked or cut open, the inside might be in rough shape. We only intend to distribute produce that you can use. If you receive any produce that you are not happy with, or you are missing an item, just let us know, and we'll get you some extras at your next delivery or give you credit. 

 30. What methods of payment do you accept? 

We accept American Express, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard credit/debit cards. We are a subscription-based service, thus, the only way to register is through a debit credit card. You will be billed automatically on Sundays after the delivery on that specific week.

 31. I just got a new credit card or need to change the credit card number on my account. Can I do that online? 

 Yes. Go to your account > account setting> billing info and update your billing information. 

 32. How secure is my billing information (credit card)?

We use Stripe, a top credit card merchant. Your credit card is totally secured and encrypted with an SSL certificate, so that means that we are not able to see your credit card number.

 33. When do you bill me for my delivery? 

We charge all our customers' credit cards the Sunday after the delivery. You should receive an email from our merchant processor confirming the charge. The charge can take 1-3 business days to show up on your personal statement depending on your bank. 

 34. What happens if my credit card is declined? 

If your credit card is declined, the system automatically sends you an email notifying you. You can go to your account and update the billing information with a different card. We can’t make any deliveries if you have an outstanding invoice, so we may place your account on hold if we cannot get a valid charge within 3 days. We do not currently charge any administrative fees for a declined card.

 35. Do you share your customer info with anyone? I don't want to be spammed! 

We hate spam. Trust us. Your privacy is important to us. When you sign up for produce deliveries from Tampa Bay Organics, we ask that you provide us with your email address. We do not share this information with any outside parties at all, except to provide you with a receipt for any credit card transactions.