It All Starts At The Farm

What you eat and where it comes from is incredibly important. We are reaching a new awareness about our food supply and how what we feed our families can affect us now, and 20 years down the road. We always strive to have as much local produce available to our customers from nearby farms. However, sometimes it is not possible, depending on the time of year, but we guarantee to carry the best produce you'll ever taste!

Week of October 24, 2021:

Banana (CR)
Apple-Fuji (WA)
Blueberry (PE)
Lemon (CA)
Orange-Valencia (CA)
Pineapple (CR)
Brussels Sprouts (CA)
Celery (CA)
Cucumber (MX)
Garlic (US)
Ginger (PE)
Mushroom-White (PA)
Onion-Yellow (CA)
Onion-Red (CA)
Squash-Zucchini (FL)
Sweet Potato-Jewel (NC)
Kiwi (IT)
Broccoli (CAN)
Parsley-Curly (CA)
Onion-Green (CA)
Cauliflower (CAN)
Squash-Yellow (FL)
Chard-Rainbow (WI)
Squash-Spaghetti (CA)
Pomegranate (CA)
Avocado-Hass (MX)
Lettuce-Romaine (CAN)
Potato-Russet (WA)
Baby Spinach Clam (US)
Beet-Red Root (CA)
Carrot (CA)
Tomato-Grape (FL)
Bell Pepper-Orange (MX)
Bell Pepper-Yellow (MX)
Pear-Bartlett (WA)
Kale-Red (WI)
French Beans (HL)
Beets-Chioggia (CA)
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