It All Starts At The Farm

What you eat and where it comes from is incredibly important. We are reaching a new awareness about our food supply and how what we feed our families can affect us now, and 20 years down the road. Below are just a few of the farms that grow our wonderful produce.

Week of November 11, 2018:

Banana (CR)
Apple-Fuji (WA)
Carrot-Baby Peeled (US)
Lemon (CA)
Orange-Navel (US)
Plum (US)
Papaya (US)
Pineapple (CR)
Brussel Sprouts (CA)
Celery (CA)
Cucumber (MX)
Garlic (US)
Ginger (PE)
Collard Greens (CA)
Mushroom- White (PA)
Onion-Yellow (CA)
Red Onion
Squash- Zucchini (FL)
Potato-Sweet (NC)
Squash-Butternut (CA)
Turnip (CA)
Cranberry (CAN)
Kiwi (IT)
Broccoli (CA)
Asparagus (MX)
Onion-Green (CA)
Green Beans (FL)
Cauliflower (CA)
Cantaloupe (CA)
Squash- Yellow (FL)
Tomato- Roma (MX)
Grape- Red Seedless (CA)
Spring Mix Clam (US)
Mushroom-Crimini (PA)
Grape-Black (CA)
Squash- Spaghetti (CA)
Pomegranate (US)
Squash- Acorn (CA)
Avocado- Hass (MX)
Potato- Purple (CA)
Cabbage- Red (CA)
Pie Pumpkin (WI)
Bell Pepper-Green (HN)
Spinach- Baby Clam (US)
Beet Root Red (CA)
Potato-Yellow (CAN)
Carrot (CA)
Potato- Russet (WA)
Carrot- Rainbow (CA)
Tomato-Grape (CA)
Cabbage-Green (CAN)
Pear-Bartlett (WA)
Fresh Herb Mix Clam
Earthbound Farm-Baby Arugula

Jordan Farms

Jordan Farms

Location: Dover, FL
Food Miles: 131 miles

Jordan Farms, located in Dover, Florida, has been growing certified organic strawberries since 1999 on land that has been in the family for over 75 years. They combined a friend’s experience as a conventional strawberry grower with their own hands-on experience in organic growing to bring the best-tasting organic strawberry to the market. Learn more about Jordan Farms

Southern Belle Organics

Southern Belle Organics

Location: Whiteville, NC
Food Miles: 564 miles

 Brooks worked on a blueberry farm as a teenager, enjoying life outside and the responsibility given to him by his boss.  Later, while earning his degree in Quantitative Economics at East Carolina University, his former boss predicted that blueberry farming was in Brick’s future, even though he was not attending an agricultural school. Learn more about Southern Belle Organics

Uncle Matt

Uncle Matt's

Location: Haines City, FL
Food Miles: 76 miles

With its subtropical climate and rich pest population, Florida has been slow to embrace the organic movement: fewer than 8,000 of its 541,328 acres of citrus groves are organic. Matt McLean has made it his mission to change that. Learn more about Uncle Matt's

Bryson Family Farms

Bryson Family Farms

Location: La Belle, FL
Food Miles: 144 miles

Aaron Bryson from Bryson family farms grew up on a conventional cattle farm and then went to get him an ed u mooo cation at the University of Florida where he graduated with a bachelor of science degree in agriculture and life sciences. Right out of college he went to work for a large conventional farm but he decided that didn’t work with his life plan. Learn more about Bryson Family Farms

Lady Moon Farms

Lady Moon Farms

Location: Punta Gorda, FL
Food Miles: 174 miles

Lady Moon Farms started in 1988 with 5 tillable acres and a dream. A dream that people can really change the world they live in! Tom and wife Chris were recently married city kids with children of their own about to embark on a dream that Tom had since gardening in his parent’s tiny backyard. Learn more about Lady Moon Farms

BlumenBerry Farms

BlumenBerry Farms

Location: Sarasota, FL
Food Miles: 193 miles

Mitch Blumenthal acquired a ten-acre organic  blueberry farm in 1995. As he tended to his Sarasota crop, he began to explore heirloom row crops, blackberries, and other unusual items. Learn more about BlumenBerry Farms

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