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FreshJax Fairy Blush Organic Himalayan Pink Salt Blend

FreshJax Fairy Blush Organic Himalayan Pink Salt Blend

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Once Upon A Time, there lived a fairy who had the most powerful pixie dust in the world. Her name was Blush. She could have anything she wanted. Well...not anything. Her food was always bland. She searched all over the enchanted forest for something that could magically transform any dish from ordinary to mystical bliss! 


We created Fairy Blush™: Himalayan Pink Salt Blend for all the "my healthy food CAN and WILL taste good" believers out there. Our delicious Himalayan salt blend is made with less sodium than those other salt blends you have probably tried. That means more room for garlicky and peppery flavors. Lucky for you, this salt blend has unlimited magical uses. With the wave of your wand- I mean bottle- you will work wonders on protein, veggies, fries, bread, and potatoes.




 Himalayan pink salt, organic paprika, organic cane juice, organic onion, organic garlic, organic turmeric.