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Great for families, vegetarian couples, and people who just want more organic produce around the house!

What's in the box?

This is the menu for the current week. We search high and low for the best around!

1 each Eggplant (FL)
1 each Pepper- Green Bell (FL)
1 16 oz. bag Kiwi (IT)
3 each Apple- Pink Lady (WA)
2 each Orange- Valencia (CA)
1 3 lb Bag Potato- Russet (CO)
1 each Lettuce- Romaine (CA)
1 each Cauliflower CA)
1 each Broccoli (CA)
2 each Avocado- Hass (MX)
1 bunch Kale- Green (FL)
1 8 oz. Ginger (CR)
1 each Garlic (CA)
1 lb. Strawberry (FL)
2 each Cucumber (FL)
1 16 oz. bag Carrot (US)
1 3- Pack Romaine Heart (CA)
1 each Lemon (CA)
1 each Squash- Acorn (FL)
1 each Watermelon- Mini (CA)

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