Organic Olive Oil vs Organic Coconut Oil

What's YOUR favorite? We, here are TBO, love both of these oils for numerous reasons. We just love cooking with Organic Coconut Oil because it has a higher 'smoke point' than Organic Olive Oil. When oils are heated above their smoke point, they start to break down and their molecular structure changes. Mkaing Coconut Oil a great oil for cooking foods at higher temps. It's also a great substitute for butter (especially for all you vegans out there!). We also love using Organic Coconut Oil on our skin & hair to moisturize and make us all silky and smooth!

But we can't forget about our beloved Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil! EVOO contains phytonutrients and monounsaturated fatty acids which are proven to help lower cholesterol. We use it in salad dressings, hummus, and for cooking on low temps.

Our general rule of thumb when it comes to choosing the best oil is to cook with coconut oil, and use olive oil at room temperature. Enjoy!!

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