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FreshJax Island Spice Organic Jamaican Jerk

FreshJax Island Spice Organic Jamaican Jerk

$5.99/1.4 oz.

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History tells us that Jamaica was settled by the Arawak indians over 2 thousand years ago from South America. Creating a smoking technique that could be done in the sun or over a slow fire was important so that dried beef could be eaten while traveling. That's how Jamaican Jerk was first thought of.


Allspice, thyme, and peppers are dominant in Jamaican Jerk recipes. We wanted to show honor and love to this culture by including all three.  You''ll love this spicy blend on chicken, shrimp, and any type of seafood.


     Organic onion, sea salt, organic cracked black pepper, organic allspice, organic cayenne pepper, organic thyme, organic cinnamon, organic cumin, organic nutmeg, organic garlic, organic cloves.